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How To Start Your Own Membership Course

Free Membership Course Case Study

Here's what the case study includes...

  • Complete transparency of what niche I chose, what offer I made and how you can copy my exact formula
  • Proof (with screenshots) that I did indeed generate $1,000 of recurring monthly income in only 30 days!
  • A detailed explanation of the traffic strategy I used to add so many paying members in so little time

The Case Study is proof that Simple Membership Courses are quick and easy to setup and they work.

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What You'll Learn In The Guide

The HookWhat makes you stand out from your competitors? How are you different? Why should people choose you over everyone else? These are the questions you'll be able to answer after reading this section.

The Hook

The SystemThe nuts and bolts, the behind the scenes mojo that makes these courses work so well. Every successful business has a system.

The System

The ContentAKA the consumables... the reason why your members join. It must be unique and valuable. It absolutely must be world-class.

The Content

The PsychologyYou have to get into the mind of your prospect before you can even think about making the sale. What are they thinking? What are their dreams? What are their problems?

The Psychology

The TrafficThe lifeblood of every online business. Without it you're dead in the water. You'll learn my simple daily traffic plan that guided me to $1,000 of recurring monthly income in only 30 days.

The Traffic

The WhoWho is your who? Who's the best prospect for this type of course? Which niches, which markets? I'll reveal it all, including 10 recommendations to get you started immediately.

The Who

The StickThe secret to making your members stick around. Except there's not just one secret... there's many more. You'll learn them all in this section of the guide.

The Stick

Okay, I've heard enough... I'm ready to Get Started Now! for only $37!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

How It Works

Simple membership courses are a unique way to achieve what's called micro-continuity. Micro-continuity is really just a membership, or continuity, program that has a definitive start and end date.

For example, you sign your kids up for swim lessons at the local YMCA. The lessons are once a week for three months and they charge you $29 per month. That's a micro-continuity program.

There's a definitive start and end date, a pre-determined number of lessons and an automated monthly charge.

So, you'll be doing the same thing with your membership course but your lessons will be delivered as information via email to your members. And by using some online software, I'll show you how to automate this entire process! It's super easy.

Do I Need Any Experience?

The short answer is no, you don't need any experience. The longer answer is, you don't need any marketing experience, web design experience or even any business experience.

What you do need is the dedication, the motiviation and the drive to make a change in your life.

If you don't have that, then this isn't for you... I'm sorry. Nothing will ever just get handed to you that actually works. As you can see by the look of this sales page, I don't do hype. I don't need to. This product works without it.

One thing that could help you out though is knowledge. If you're already knowledgeable about a certain topic, that might save you some time researching and creating your course.

But this is not necessary to be successful. I've created content in niches that I knew nothing about before and did very well. It would just save you some time during the research stage.

Do I Need Any Money?

Again, the short answer is no, you don't need any money to make this work. The longer answer is, you will either spend your time or your money with just about any business venture. The choice is yours.

At the end of the guide I include a section called "The Poor-Man's Solution" where I explain how to make this work without spending even a dime.

But even by using my recommended setup, it will cost you less than $100 upfront and less than $30 per month... AT THE MOST. I recommend this setup because it will get you more exposure quicker.

But again, it's definitely not necessary. You can easily follow my "Poor-Man's Solution" and achieve the same results by following my advice in this section.

Cool, I'm pumped... I want to Get Started Now! for only $37!